Apr 11, 2011

I put the latern down...

I was surprised to find out that I was tied for 8th at Brawler Bash IV! As this was my first grand tournament and it was out of 37 players, I was really excited about the result.  The soft scores really helped to keep me a float since I had a couple of really tight losses that put me with a crappy 2-3 record.  Hopefully I will be able to keep the momentum going.  Next year I hope to improve on the battle points by not playing like a complete monkey and the painting score by making sure that even the back ranks are painted to the same level as the front ranks.  I will probably continue to take a fluffy list as that is just how I roll. 


  1. Great army Rob. Looking forward to next year. Watch for Skaven to make thei way down to NC.

  2. At least I have my round one opponent already scheduled!

  3. Hey hey, that you do amigo! It's on like donkey kong!