Dec 7, 2010

Orcs and Goblins

Work continues on my OnG army.  As most of you know this is a fairly big army and includes all the usual suspects.  I'm almost done and just have a warmachines, trolls and few more night gobbos to paint.  Everything is painted up to a decent tabletop standard and I'm pretty happy with the result.  Here is a shot of the stone troll and the snotlings.

Nov 24, 2010

Sword Master Chariot Conversion

Work continues on the HE chariot conversions.  I've got the first chariot assembled with pins and blue tack.  All I have left is to apply some greens stuff around the drivers wrists.  I'm using a resin base from Micro Arts Studio that I picked up via the War Store.  Now I have to figure out how to change up the second chariot so that it does not look like a clone of the first.  Here are a few pix of the assembled first chariot (pardon the clay).  


Nov 21, 2010

Orc Boar Boyz

As most everyone knows I've been working on an OnG Army since the beginning of this year.  When complete it will be around 5K and my goal was to paint it up as fast as possible using a Devlan Mud wash.  Fortunately, I'm nearing the home stretch and only a handful of units remain.  Here is the unit of Boar Boyz (still need to be based).  I learned the hard way that where the Boar ends up on the base is important if you want them to rank up. 

Nov 16, 2010

High Elves - The Secret Army

I've started my themed High Elf army.  It took me a while to finalize what the theme was going to be.  I toyed with the idea of a Shawdowland themed army designed to hunt down the Druchi.  It is interesting enough, but I think this idea has been done to death.  So taking inspiration from IOB and the HE army book I've settled on doing a "Secret Army".  The secret army is mentioned in the blurb in the current army book on the Sword Masters page.  Essentially this is a witch-hunterish army - designed to secretly hunt the Cults of Excess.  Sword Masters will play a prominent role in the army.  I don't have a specific army list written yet but it will be infantry heavy augmented with some cavalry and chariots.

The first unit out of the gates will obviously be IOB Sword Masters (see conversion in previous post).  But I also thought it would be neat to work in Sword Master theme into other units.   First up is the chariots.  The chariot themselves are pretty straight out of the box except the sword (from banner pole) added to the yoke.  Since I have a bunch of extra Sword Master command I need to find something to do with them.  So I've started to convert them into crew for the chariots.  I'm turning the standard bearer into a driver and the musician into a crewmen.  Here are a couple of WIP shots.  Still have a ways to go but gives you basic idea.

Island of Blood Sword Master Conversion

Since we are all stuck with several extra IOB Sword Master command models I've been looking for a way to convert some of them into extra troopers.  Here is a simple conversion for using the champion and the standard bearer to create a new trooper.

Cut off the champion's sword just above hand.  Take the standard and remove the banner and pole above and below the hands.  Glue what's left of the champions sword (recommend pinning it) to the top of the standard bearer hands. Cut off the bottom of a White Lions axe (could use just about any extra bit).  Glue this piece to below the standard bearer hands as the pommel of the sword.  Finally glue the push fit hands/arm to the standard bearer body.

Here are a few pictures that detail it a little further.

Materials Needed
Back of Assembled Sword/Hands/Arm
Front of Assembled Sword/Hands/Arm
Finished Conversion