Aug 10, 2011

2500 Tourney at Memphis Factory Store

We have a small 2500 point Fantasy Tournament this weekend at the Memphis Factory store.  This time I've decided to run something quite different from the defensive, foot slogger TK armies I've historically fielded.  This time I'm going with an all mobile list.  While I will probably get smashed in some scenarios (hello watchtower) it should be pretty fun to play.  At the very least it gives me a chance to run some units that hardly ever make it to the table (Skeleton Cavalry).  BTW - that is a Heirotitan and not a Colossus.  :)

I will post the full army list tomorrow, but for now here is a quick shot of the army.

Tomb King Magic Counters

For BitS I created some Tomb King Magic counters.  Just print out the PDF, glue the sheet to some black foam core and cut them out with a hobby knife. Voila, counters to keep track of your magic phase.

Quick Update

Ever since BitS I've sort of take a break from Warhammer. It's always a good idea to step away from time to time as, for me, it keeps it fresh. But I've just received a new shipment of brushes and I'm now ready to rock and roll again!

Aug 3, 2011

Plastic Cement Upgrade

Over the years I've been using the various plastic cements that come in the standard plastic bottle along with Plastiweld - which is the brush on cement.  At Blood in the Sun I managed to break my Necropolis Knights multiple times and the boys at Miniature Painting Authority (the repair squad) were using plastic cement in a precision dropper bottle.  I liked it so much that I figured I would give it a try.  I picked up the Testors version and after using it last night to assemble some TK archers (really who has enough TK archers these days?) I really, really love this stuff.  The metal needle dropper tips makes accurately dispensing just the precise amount of glue amazing. Also, it comes with a couple of wires to ream out the needle and the cap actually prevents any glue from leaking out. 
I honestly did not know what I was missing and I wish I would have tried this stuff years ago.